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Motivation Through Self Compassion

You know those days where you feel really good about yourself?


  • When you wear those jeans with confidence

  • When you eat that piece of cake and don't give a damn who sees you doing it

  • When you get out for a walk because the sun is shining and it feels good to move?

What if THOSE days could outnumber the days where you feel guilty for not doing everything that you know you "should" be doing? 

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Changes Wellness connects you with other women going through the same struggles with body acceptance, prioritizing yourself, meeting goals and just getting through the day-to-day sometimes, all in one convenient smartphone/ desktop app.​​​


Why Choose Changes?

I started Changes Wellness because I know what it's like to not be perfect. 

I understand how listening to that voice in your head that tells you you're not doing it right can wear you down.  

I also know how wonderful it is to give yourself credit when the good days outweigh the bad, AND even when they don't! 

I want you to know what that feels like too.

"I'm able to experience life with my kids and really enjoy it."

Lori describes her biggest accomplishment from joining Changes Wellness!