To start with I'm a busy Mom of 4 kids married to a nutty professor with 4 pets to round out our crazy household.

I'm an avid animal lover and agricultural supporter that has extensive experience in the mixed animal veterinary world and the pig and chicken livestock sectors. 

In my late 30s I had a few life changing epiphanies that led to me merging my passion for the health of animals into my passion for the health of women! 

Hitting my 40s has been a wild experience. I've become a business owner, something I swore my anxiety would never let me do, I'm in the best shape of my life yet my stomach seems to find new things it hates on a regular basis and sleep has become something I dream about (see what I did there!? I know, groan! )

I am a glass half-full person and I think everyone deserves a compliment!

My goal with Changes Wellness is to help women motivate themselves through self compassion and if I can make one person feel good about themselves today it's a great day.



Tamara McLoughlin RVT, Dip. (AgBus.), Pn1, PTS

There's a whole lot of letters behind my name, what the heck do they mean?!  

Let's start with RVT.  I am a Registered Veterinary Technologist and have been for over 20 years.  For 16 years I worked in the quality assurance sector for livestock, most recently as a food safety and animal welfare auditor for chickens.  How the heck does that apply to wellness?!  Well, for years my job as an auditor was looking for areas of improvement, so recognizing where people are doing well, and spotting the minor fixes that can be made to improve the whole picture comes naturally to me.  

Dip. (AgBus.) is a diploma in Agribusiness that I recently received in 2021 because I thought that working and raising 4 small kids wasn't keeping me busy enough!  Although I didn't know it when I started, this diploma was the seed that Changes Wellness started from.

Pn1 was my first foray out of the agricultural world when I followed my passion for helping women feel better about themselves.  It stands for Precision Nutrition Level 1 which means I am trained as a Nutrition Coach.  

PTS stands for Personal Training Specialist, a certification I sought out because  I wanted to be able to help women in all areas of their lives, not just eating.  Soon I will be rounding this out even further when I finish my behavioural change specialty course through Precision Nutrition and women's specialist training through Girls Gone Strong! 



Some days, as a busy, working Mom I feel run off my feet.  Some days I feel like Super Mom and other times it is really hard to remember how far I've come.  

In 2017, 7 months after my 4th c-section, I was almost 300lbs. I was ashamed, I was exhausted, and I felt like I had lost control over my own body.  I had spent years of my life hating the body I was in and desperately wishing I could have a “redo” and start over.  I spent years dieting and I actually didn't mind exercising but I wasn't looking at the big picture.  It took one woman asking me a simple question every week to change my life forever, "what did you do WELL this week?"  

Over the next two years I lost 50lbs and 5 years later I've kept the weight off and my life has been perfect ever since..... not!!


Although shifting to a more positive mindset gave me confidence and a feeling of self-love that I never had before, I still have days where it all just feels so HARD.  I started perimenopause at 39 and 4 years in I'm well acquainted with the lack of energy, food intolerances, wacky periods, bloat, sore breasts, night sweats and thinning hair on my head yet growing hair on my chin!  Even though I know chocolate makes it worse for me I still keep a secret stash.  I've had joint pain since I was 14 yet I'm still that patient that can never seem to find time to do all of my physio stretches!

I started Changes Wellness because I know what it's like to not be perfect.  I understand how listening to that voice in your head that tells you you're not doing it right can wear you down.  

But I also know how wonderful it is when the good days outweigh the bad because you've learned how to make that little voice be nice to you instead, and I want you to know what that feels like too.


We have a fantastic group of women in our Changes Wellness community.  Women that struggle with giving themselves credit yet can't help but lift each other up.  Every day I have the pleasure of watching them conquer their weekly goals and face their setbacks with renewed determination.   I can't even describe what an awesome feeling it is to have them in your corner.