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Everyone feels better when they eat well, move more and get more sleep.  So why don't we all do it? 

Because in this craziness we call life it is HARD to do things for ourselves!  

You KNOW what you want to do whether that is getting more activity in, trying to stop eating chips in the evening or putting the phone away earlier, you just need someone to help you actually do it!!



Making healthier choices is always easier when you have your squad in the background cheering you on!  Whether you live in the city or live in the country, whether you belong to a fitness club or just like to go for walks, everyone needs those friends that are ready to give you a high five or kick you in the butt when you need it! 

Changes Wellness connects you with other women going through the same struggles, trying to meet the same goals, all in one convenient app.

Imagine having only your favourite Facebook groups all in one convenient app, and only your closest friends are allowed to join!

No sharing your profile with your husband, no scrolling past ads and useless memes or stressing over controversial posts.  There is no mindless scrolling because it's all content you actually want to see! 

Women on the Beach

"I'm able to experience life with my kids and really enjoy it."

Lori describes her biggest accomplishment from joining Changes Wellness!


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  • Basic Membership

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    Let's focus on high fives and butt kicking
    • Motivational Groups: 30 Minutes a Day Club, Ask Your Coach
    • Interactive Groups: Members Chat Group, Parenting, Gardening
    • And More!
  • Premium Membership

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    Motivation 2.0, Cooking, Full Access to All Zoom Sessions
    • Cooking Classes and Advice from Chef Lindsay
    • Motivational Challenges
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    • Rural Life Chat and Online Sessions
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    Individualized Coaching Only - NO Community Access
    • FREE Changes Your Way Coaching Session included
    • Weekly Check Ins With Your Coach
    • Unlimited Text and Email Support
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I started Changes Wellness because I know what it's like to not be perfect.  I understand how listening to that voice in your head that tells you you're not doing it right can wear you down.  

But I also know how wonderful it is when the good days outweigh the bad because you have someone cheering you on in the background.  I want you to know what that feels like too.

My specialty is helping women assess their current lifestyle to see what areas they are already rocking (usually WAY more than you're giving yourself credit for!) and developing a personalized action plan to focus in on those areas that could use improvement.

If you want to strive for progress, not perfection, if you're willing to try but not interested in turning your whole life upside down and if you're looking for someone who is easy to talk to then chances are I'm your gal.