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“Being part of Changes Wellness has been an amazing experience. Tamara and the members are great, they keep me motivated and positive on my journey to better health. I highly recommend this group"


Aimee S.jpg

"Changes is a group of normal women wanting the same things out of life, a support group. Real people, with real lives helping make changes that are reasonable and sustainable. Great advice and tips to keep me motivated and on track. I recommend Changes to anyone looking for this experience and if you aren't sure try it!"


Janice D.jpg

"Changes Wellness is a fantastic community! Whatever your goals are, there is support. It’s more about overall wellness than anything. Whatever you want to focus on you can. No judgement from anyone within the community and Tamara is always cooking up Challenges to suit all members. The 30 Minutes a Day Club has particularly benefited me. Thanks Changes! And thanks Tamara for all that you do!"



"Changes is so much more than a wellness community. It is a support system that motivates, encourages and supports you. They want you to be the best that you can be by providing you with resources to help you get there."


Karen L..jpg

"Changes: A Wellness Community is the social community I needed. Knowing I can post and talk about personal things with women who won't judge me but instead give me real advice and information is life changing!"


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